Timely Distribution Via Most Efficient Routes

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Brand Success

We are committed to the success of the brands. It has a strong partnership agreement which will keep you in control of your vision. Together we pledge to establish the vision, aim and the brand you want to distribute.

How it works

Market Appraisal

We as a Pantokey offer a market appraisal for your brand. Our team will research the market place. And generate a feedback review accordingly of target audience, potential retailers, pricing, competitors, expected margins and promotional activity.
This review will give you a good overview of the marketplace before any significant financial commitment.

Identify the Relevant Buyers

In this, we identify the relevant buyers and retailers through our depth of experience, market, expertise and data insights. This process will give you a correct idea of the direction and will give you guidance that you need to establish valuable buyer meetings, ensuring that your brand gets placed into complementary stores.